Mail Orders

Jordan Maxwell Videos, understand that many of our supporters do not have debit/credit cards or do not wish to use them online.  We welcome your mail order with payment by check or money order.  

Use our contact form to request an order form, or tell us what you would like and we will prepare a quote.

The following information should help answer any questions you have about how to make a mail order.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to use our contact form.

Please make your check or money order payable to Jordan Maxwell Videos.

You must include shipping and handling. Orders that do not have enough postage and handling may be delayed or may not be completed.
Nevada customers need to include Nevada state sales tax of 8.15%.

Please include a note with the shipping address, product(s) name and item ID code to help ensure accuracy of the order fulfillment.
If your item has options (shirt size is the most common) please indicate which option you would like.

We recommend including a phone number or email address so that we can contact you if there are any questions regarding your order.

Where do I send my order?
Jordan Maxwell Videos
304 South Jones Blvd #719
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(make checks/money orders payable to Jordan Maxwell Videos)

How do I compute the correct shipping and handling?

There are two ways to compute the correct shipping rate, either on a per item basis or by computing the exact cost by starting an order on and using the shipping amount calculated by the online store.

1. Per Item Basis:
1-3 items = $8.50
4-6 items = $12.00
7-9 items = $20.00
10+ items = $22.00
Canada = $22.00 USD for every 5 items
Overseas = $35.00 USD for every 5 items
Propur Systems: Please add the following amounts per Propur Scout, Traveler, Nomad, Big or King System in addition to any other shipping charges your order may contain.  You may use the above "per item" rates for filters and accessories.  
$20 United States Propur
$45 Canada Propur
$65 International Propur.

2. Exact Shipping Charge

Begin shopping on this site as if you were going to complete the transaction by paying with paypal or a credit card. Once you have all the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and use the shipping amount provided.  This is also a good way for Nevada customers to compute the correct sales tax amount.