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Orders By Mail via check or money order.  
At Jordan Maxwell Videos, understand that many of our supporters do not wish to make on line payments.  
Please see our order options below.

Order Support: If you're having website checkout issues, please see ordering and payment options below.

Orders By Mail: 1. Select the items you want. 2. Proceed to checkout. 3. Select Order By Mail Payment Option. 4. We'll email you an invoice and instructions.

Order By Invoice: 1. Go to our Contact Form, tell us which product(s) you want to order. 2. We'll send you an invoice with payment instructions.

European Customers: 
We do not offer PAL DVD versions of our DVD discs at this time, nut most modern dvd players will play NTSC dvds.
See our article about NTSC and Pal Systems by clicking here.

Customer Service / Phone Orders | 1-702-518-7021

The following information should help answer any questions you have about how to make a mail order.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to use our contact form.