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This is the official website of Jordan Maxwell, where his works are produced, distributed and preserved . The video on the first page of this website shows Jordan Maxwell in his own words, establishing this website as the official website where all his materials are to be distributed.

This website was established in the State of Nevada, on June 13th 2017 by way of a legal notarized partnership agreement with Jordan Maxwell. We have taken important steps to show our supporters, that this is the official website, so they can feel assured that they are getting the authorized resources.

This entity is held in trust and shall receive donations in order to continue to be a self sustaining entity. 

Our main objective is to conduct factual research and present materials that are in the best interest to the human race. We intend to produce and distribute original research materials as well as materials from other like minded research professionals to further educate and empower our supporters.

We believe that knowledge is power, and research is one of the most effective tools to enlighten and elevate us. Your contributions and donations make our work possible and have awoken the minds of many people around the world, who praise and support the work of Jordan Maxwell and others. 

Our support team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience and help our customers, in an expedient manner, with any issues they may have.

We hope this site has served our supporters well over the years and we hope to provide research works that will last far into the future.


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