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Jordan Maxwell is an American author, researcher, and lecturer who has dedicated his life to researching the hidden forces that control our world. He has written numerous books that explore the topics of religion, secret societies, occult symbolism, and ancient history. He has appeared in many publications and television shows, including History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Some of his most popular books include Matrix of Power, The Truth Behind the New Age Movement, and The Magical Worlds of the Sorcerers. In Matrix of Power, Maxwell examines the political and religious systems of the world, and how they have been manipulated throughout history. In The Truth Behind the New Age Movement, Maxwell looks at the spiritual movements of the 20th century, and how they have affected our world. Finally, in The Magical Worlds of the Sorcerers, Maxwell explores the history and theories of modern occultism.

Maxwell’s books are full of insightful and thought-provoking information. His work has been praised by many, and he has become a respected authority on the topics of religion, secret societies, and occultism. If you are looking for an in-depth examination of these topics, then Jordan Maxwell’s books are a great place to start.

The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History

In The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History, William A. Pettigrew and David Veevers reinterpret the role of Europe’s overseas corporations in early modern global history, uncovering their unique global sociology in the years 1550 to 1750.

Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell, pseudonym of Russell Pine (December 28, 1940), is an American writer / researcher who deals with theology, secret societies, etymology and occultism. Maxwell is seen as a big name in the world of ‘conspiracy theorists’ and served as an example for various authors and researchers in the area, including Michael Tsarion and David Icke.

Maxwell was an editor for Truth Seeker Magazine for three years, made documentaries for CBS TV Network and presented his own radio show under the banner of ABC. One of Maxwell’s hobby horses, in addition to symbolism and word interpretation, is the so-called ‘astro-theology’ (not conceived by him); a theory that states that religions are based on astronomical events.

Thus, like many other faiths in the world, the story of Jesus (birth, crucifixion, resurrection, 12 apostles) is based on the faith of the sun god Horus. Remarkably, all of these beliefs, although sometimes minimal, show similarities to the cult of Horus.

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Jordan’s areas of interest include:

* Astro-Theology

* Sexual Symbolism in World Religions

* Foundations for Modern-Day Religion

* Secret Societies and Toxic Religion

* World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern

* Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems

* Ancient Sciences and Technology

* Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries

* The Sun in the History of Politics and Religion

* The Story Your Church Doesn’t Want You to Know

* Secret Societies and their Influence on World Events